saved by Grace

I have no agenda against any religion, I have the offense to RELIGION!

Being raised Catholic I can tell you I knew God, I knew this man Jesus died on a cross and rose but that was the extent to it all.  We were taught to pray to Mary who Jesus would never deny. That is a lie take a look at Mark 3:31-33 “There came then his brethern and his mother, and , standing without, sent unto him, calling him.  And the multitude sat about him, and they said unto him, Behold, thy mother and they brethern without seek for thee.  And Jesus answered them saying, Who is my mother or my brethern?

 As Christians we do not pray to anyone except the Father and Jesus as they are ONE.

Religion teaches you to accept this part of the bible but not that part. Preacher teaches the Acts was for yesterday and not for today. Who said? Where is that in the bible?  We told to be filled with the spirt and if I am filled with something it overflows hum that must be the evidence of speaking in tongues.  A preacher once told me being saved I have God but filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues God has me!  Big difference.  When I do not know how to pray or even why I am praying the spirit rises up and has a conversation with the father on my behalf or whatever the Lord needs.  The Lord NEEDS his people to grow up and DECREE STOP asking God to come to do He is NOT your servant you are His.  He gave us all the keys to the kingdom to bind and loosen to open and to close.



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John & Steven


Speak Truth in love


To see all the nations of the world saved praising the one and only Lord and Savior